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Posted June 12, 2019 by Boncore Property Management

Tips for Showing Your Rental Property

When you have vacant units in your apartment building, you may be tempted to try to book several showings at once or host an open house to secure those rentals.

Although this method saves time, it can hinder your results because it limits how much attention you can give each prospect.

Try to stick with 15 minute one-on-one appointments and fit as many in as you can in one day. Once you have appointments secured, follow our simple tips to show your property.

When the unit is occupied, always provide notice 24 hours before showing. Alternatively, you can make arrangements for future showings with the current resident when they provide notice. Try to show the property when the current residents are out so that your prospects don't feel uncomfortable.

Arrive before any scheduled showing so you can take a walk through the unit and get it ready for viewing. Bring gloves and a garbage bag to remove any trash throughout the apartment. Look in cupboards and under the sink for anything out of place, like an old ant or mouse trap, and remove them. If the unit has a balcony or backyard, remove any junk or garbage out there as well.

Once the trash has been removed, turn on all the lights in the apartment, even in the daytime, and set out application forms on a table or counter. Also place any business cards, brochures, or community information sheets out for people to take.

Make a good first impression by smiling, offering a hand to shake, and introducing yourself to each new prospect. You don't need to guide prospects through the apartment; give them time to tour the unit on their own. Be ready with information on the building that could help their decision and answer any questions they may have.  

Don't forget to close the deal! This step is often forgotten or missed. After the tour, ask your prospects any remaining questions you may have, including a confirmation on who will be living in the unit. Then, ask the prospect to fill out an application and secure a deposit.

If you have any questions about showing your rental or need some assistance with your property, contact us today.