Landlord Services


Boncore Management is a locally based team of experts who offer landlords over 35 years of knowledge and experience in landlord and tenant relations. We take pride in overseeing all aspects of a rental operation, paying close attention to detail.

Boncore specializes in various types of rental properties including single and semi-detached homes, townhomes and individually owned condominium units. We also manage small, mid and larger complexes.

We Can Help You With:

  • Income loss due to non-payment of rent
  • Income loss due to increase in tenant turnover
  • Income loss due to long vacancy periods
  • Escalating costs in utilities
  • Evictions
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Meeting codes standards of the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office and your local fire department
  • Complying with safety, health and building standards
  • Insurance coverage

Whether you are a multi-unit investment company, first time investor, operating as a family business or home owner, these are all concerns that affect every landlord in Ontario. We act immediately to resolve problems, relieve stress and effectively maintain your investment. Our fast results will put your operation back on track and profitable again. If in doubt that your property is operating profitably, please contact us today.

Management Services


Benefits include modern building solutions with cost control methods for energy conservation and reduction in utility costs. Better accountability. Income and expense reports sent to you monthly.

Our management package includes:

  • Prompt rent collection and bank deposits
  • Regular on site presence
  • Property marketing through and several other national listing sites
  • Friendly and courteous tenant service
  • Tenant retention and vacancy reduction
  • Ensuring regular exterior and interior maintenance
  • Experienced application and leasing processing
  • Servicing of all tenant notices
  • Legal representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board
  • Attentive supervision and training for superintendents and contractors
  • Budget planning and competitive pricing for renovations, utility updating and repairs

Scheduled inspections:

  • Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • General management inspections (interior/exterior)
  • Damage control
  • Monitoring for deficiencies

Real Estate Services


We are specialized in the purchase and sale of residential income properties and are dedicated to providing a full range of purchase and sale services to single and multi- residential owners and investors.

Ross Boncore, President of Boncore Management Limited and the Broker of Record for Family Realty Niagara Inc. Brokerage has been active in the purchase and sale of many multi residential and income producing properties in the Niagara Region. Our Real Estate clients have a leading edge when dealing with us. They benefit from our years of experience in both the real estate market and in property management. This combination of knowledge and experience provides our clients with accurate, reliable information and insight not available through others to make the best decisions when buying or selling.

Sales representatives consult with us in times when they may not be clear on certain aspects of a residential income property. If you are contemplating selling or buying, contact us today.


Are you shopping for someone to rent your property because you've had bad luck finding good tenants?

The truth of the matter is that luck is not a factor. In today's rental market you have to know what you are doing. Let Boncore Management's experienced rental agents do the work for you. Our 'Smart Rent Program' will find qualified tenants for your rental and prevent you from losing thousands of dollars in lost revenue, damages and eviction costs.

The Smart Rent Program

  • Your rental is featured on the internet through our website and other sites.
  • All inquiries are answered promptly, providing further information. The first stage in qualifying the prospect starts immediately by asking questions about their credit history, income and job stability if employed.
  • Once qualified as a good prospect an appointment to view the rental is set. During the viewing we continue to evaluate with further questions followed by providing the prospect with a rental application to be filled out in full and signed.
  • The application is processed by obtaining a credit report, contacting employers for work verification and calling present and previous landlords for tenant references and payment history.
  • Once qualified as a suitable tenant, we report to the landlord for final approval.
  • The final process is the signing of the lease with collection of first and last month's rental deposits, a final inspection of the premises and handing over the keys to the tenant.
  • A copy of the lease and collected deposits are forwarded to the landlord.

Legal Representation

Most tenants are law-abiding citizens that accept the landlord's tenancy rules, respect other tenant's rights and pay their rent on time. Although most tenants fit into this category, it costs Ontario landlords millions of dollars each year to deal with tenancy disputes and problem tenants.

Disputes between landlords and tenants are resolved through The Landlord and Tenant Board. The Landlord and Tenant Board administers the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (the Act). This law sets out the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants who rent residential properties.

When tenant problems arise and cannot be resolved the landlord must serve a Notice of Termination to the tenant with an explanation. If the tenant does not rectify the problem within the designated time stated in the notice the landlord must file an application to terminate the tenancy with the Board. The matter will be presented to a judicator who will listen to what each party has to say prior to making a decision.

If an eviction order is issued, it states the date the tenant must vacate the unit. If the tenant does not, then the landlord must file the order with the Court Enforcement Office (Sheriff). This is the final process of the eviction order.

In order to expedite a quick eviction the landlord's legal representative must know the law and follow all steps in the filing process and provide accurate evidence to the board. If the process is not executed precisely, the landlord will have to start over from the beginning losing further valuable time and money.

We offer these legal services to our management clients throughout licensed paralegals.

Maintenance & Repairs

At Boncore, our technical support staff is available exclusively to our clients. We provide you with knowledge, expertise and assistance in maintenance, protection and preservation of your property. Our skilled and experienced team of trades and handymen will address all problems.

Our staff and affiliates are available 24/7 to take immediate action for all emergencies; We analyse and troubleshoot problems before they get costly and dangerous. Rental units are immediately repaired, cleaned, painted and made available for immediate occupancy. We are a cost-effective solution to conform with and meet today's health, fire, safety and building code standards.

When you add it all up, our services pay for themselves. Improvements and repairs will eliminate the risk of liability, increase rental income and make your property a more efficient and desirable place to live.

Eco Retro Fit

Energy costs are continuously increasing without any signs of a ceiling cap in the future. Despite this, many landlords, property managers and superintendents have not implemented and taken advantage of the benefits to be made by becoming energy efficient Today's energy-efficient technology and processes are imperative to reduce costs, improve operating performance and increase tenant comfort while contributing to a cleaner environment.

We at Boncore Management make it a priority to combat rising utility costs by continuously monitoring, evaluating and making energy efficient changes to the properties we manage. Special attention is given to the following areas of the building:

Building Envelope

Windows, doors and walls are susceptible to heat loss, simple inexpensive applications of caulking, weather stripping or mortar re-pointing are inexpensive solutions and cost effective. Plumbing – Water loss from kitchen and bathroom taps and toilets is one of the biggest contributors to high costs that can be resolved by regular maintenance inspections. A simple washer or adjustment of a ball float or flapper will add up to thousands of dollars in savings.


Lighting in common areas such as hallways which are on 24 hours daily should be upgraded to LED (light emitting diode) light fixtures. Lobbies and areas which have natural sun light throughout the day should be set on light sensors. Areas that have been overlooked and have considerable savings are the rental units themselves. We cannot regulate how long tenants leave lights on but can make the light fixtures cost efficient by replacing outdated regular light bulbs with high efficiency LED units. For a minimum expense a motion sensor can be installed in washrooms, kitchens and hallways where lights are prone to be left on.

Heating & Hot Water

Regular maintenance can expand the life of the present heating and hot water systems but there will come a time where it makes sense to convert to new high efficiency units to drastically cut down on utility costs.

Contact us today to start saving money and start making money.

Fire Safety

Fires result in over one hundred deaths in Ontario each year. Fire prevention should be the number one safety concern for all landlords since the majority of these deaths occur in residential fires. Ultimate attention and the highest commitment to fire safety must be maintained at all times in order to provide a safer living environment for tenants, protect the landlords' investment and shield them from criminal charges or incarceration due to negligence or death.

Boncore Management assists landlords in addressing fire hazard issues and maintaining fire safety in their buildings. We work closely with staff, superintendents, qualified fire technicians and consultants to ensure buildings meet municipal safety standards and comply with the fire code set by the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office.

Many municipalities in the Niagara Region follow the Ontario Fire Marshal's recommendations to enforce a zero tolerance policy towards violations.

In many cases landlords are immediately charged for fire code deficiencies without warning or time to rectify problems. Many of these violations are discovered in random inspections by the local fire department without notice to the landlord.


An individual convicted of three fire code offences faces a penalty of up to $20,000.00 and or one year imprisonment. In the case of contravention of the fire code there is a penalty of up to $50,000.00 or imprisonment of up to one year for an individual; penalties for corporations are set at a higher rate.

Any person who removes an order is subject to a fine of $2,000.00 and or imprisonment of 1 year.

Failure to comply with an order is subject to a fine of up to $20,000.00 per day.

If you are in doubt that your building is safe and meets all fire and safety codes required by law contact us today for further information we will supply the name and telephone number of and a qualified independent fire consultant who will answer all your questions.

Let us help you protect your investment and make your building a safer place for your tenants to live.

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