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Posted September 26, 2019 by Boncore Property Management

Fall is the Time for a Property Assessment

Before the weather gets frightful with blowing snow and icy temperatures, it's a good idea to perform an assessment of your rental property. 

A fall property assessment can help you spot problems that, if left to the winter elements, could cause big problems. 

Outdoor Inspection

Take a walk around the property to remove any debris, leaves, or sticks that have collected on your lawn during the season. If the property has gutters, make sure they're free and clear of leaves and other debris. Also, clean out window wells and make sure downspouts are directed away from the foundation.

Take a close look at the foundation for signs of wear and cracks that will need to be fixed. Seals around windows and doors should be examined and replaced if they have become hardened or if cracks are visible. 

Inspect the roof from the ground if possible or have a professional provide a thorough check. Outdoor lighting should be tested to ensure proper function and replaced if anything isn't working properly. Finally, unhook hoses and turn off the water supply for outdoor taps. Hoses, sprinklers, and nozzles should be kept indoors during the cold weather to keep them in optimal condition.

Indoor Inspection

Now is the perfect time to test smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and replace their batteries. The furnace should also receive a little TLC, so change the filter and have a technician perform a proper inspection. While in the basement, check the interior foundation for cracks, dampness, and leaks. 

Water damage can be costly, so check for leaking taps, dishwashers, and washing machines. It's also a good time to clean exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens and ensure the fans are functioning properly. Inspect the interior window caulking and check for drafts. Replace caulking and door seals if there's signs of wear.

When an inspection reveals a problem bigger than you can handle, contact a professional. Repairs and maintenance done incorrectly can be expensive to fix. 

If you need help managing your rental, call Boncore Property Management, a full service property management company with over 35 years' experience.